A: No, unless there are special circumstances where there is a mistake on the flyer, we DO NOT have classes on Staff Development Days, Holidays or Minimum days. However, if the program runs on minimum days regularly, we typically do (Example: SCUSD Wednesday classes.) You should hold onto the flyer and/or check the website to be sure. Programs that go into the sold-out section on the website still list days off for this reason and that should make the flyer/schedule.
A: Yes, however we may not be doing that sport if the field or court is flooded. Coaches will still arrive as we know not all families can get last minute coverage for due to work or family obligations. But are coaches will be there to play UNO, Playing Cards, 20 Questions, Categories and other games. We may or may not have classrooms available, but we want to make sure you have the coverage. You may of course pick up your child after school if you choose to.

A: We do have a minimum of 14 students per class and a maximum of 24. This ensures we can pay for the rental, insurance, equipment, coaches, website and other costs for the program. This is a baseline attendance. We sometimes make exceptions if we come close but that doesnโ€™t happen often.

A: Yes we do. Refunds are typically not given for family schedule changes. If you’re child gets sick or injured, you can use funds towards another program or another season for up to 1 year. Besides those two reasons refunds are only given if a class is cancelled. If your child doesn’t like the class or you don’t feel it is a good fit please be prepared not to get your money back. We have limited enrollment so when you register you take up a spot of another family. For this reason, you have committed monetarily. If you would like to “try it out” this may be possible but only if communicated and cleared by our company founder. All refunds must be cleared by him alone.
A: Coaches are all contractors, so they join us with experience in both kids and sports. They are compensated well based on four factors 1) Experience prior to joining us 2) Seniority with Allera Sports 3) Job Performance 4) Availability. If you have concerns about any coaches, we can address those concerns. If you have praise for them, please share with us so they may be rewarded monetarily. We want to make sure we are finding and keeping the best staff we can:)

A: Nearly all of our enrichment classes run 1 hour in length and between 8-12 weeks in duration. There are some exceptions depending on the school district but we typically have three seasons yearly that are Fall, Winter and Spring.

A: Absolutely! We have staff development day camps, holiday camps, summer camps, club teams, personal training, small groups and even creating some leagues. Check out our website for more information or give us a call!

A: The vast majority of our students are beginners and intermediate players. Our classes are set up like after school clinics to teach your child the fundamentals of the game. Also included in our lessons are the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork. We do have a club basketball team for students who want to be part of a recreational team and take the next step in their basketball journey. *If your child is an advanced player our enrichment programs are NOT a good fit. These classes are for children who want to learn how to play and not set up for students who are experienced, elite or want a more competitive option.
A: All kids should wear athletic clothing and running shoes. We do not recommend cleats, pads or their own equipment. The exception to the rule is they can bring their own racket to tennis but we do have plenty. We highly recommend they have their own soccer ball, basketball, tennis racket and other equipment at home. They will excel faster if they are able and encouraged to practice outside of classes.
A: We highly recommend when signing up for classes you apply the schedule into your calendar. However, if you need the schedule simply go to the current programs and find the details. Even if the class is sold out if you go to the sold out section and find the class we specifically keep the information available for the class for this very reason ๐Ÿ™‚
A: We got you! Sibling10 or Multisport10 get you 10% off the total! Just put in one of these codes and get your discount. Please only use the discount if you are signing up multiple kids or sports. If you are paying by check or cash, just turn in a clearly marked envelope with your child or children’s name on it so we can attribute it to your family. You can take 10% off the total so long as we know the discount applies.
A: If you email us at allerasports@gmail.com or call our number (408) 564-6171 I will try and get back to you within a day or so. Please keep in mind I run this company from my home so I am the ONLY one who picks up the phone or emails you back. So respect it may take some time to get back to you and understand business hours are usually about 9:00am-5:00pm. I will do my best to get back to you ๐Ÿ™‚

A: Classes are held on the school site campus. We only pick up TK/Kindergarten students for elementary programming and all preschool students. All children in 1st grade or older must walk on their own or be walked by a parent/guardian/teacher or other representative (not Allera) to the field or court.

The flyer will have all program information and you should’ve received an email receipt with program information. But even if you can’t seem to find this information we purposefully keep programming up on our “Available Programs” you signed up through. Simply go back, find your program and information will be provided if you click the program.