CEO & Founder

Adam Arella

Adam Arella has been involved with the game of sports for over 20 years, both as a player and as a coach. He grew up in Northern California, attending Palo Alto High School in Palo Alto, California.

His tenure in sports started at 6 years old when he discovered soccer and by the beginning of middle school, he had become one of the better players in the area. Things transitioned quickly though once a cousin of his introduced him to the sport of Basketball. His passion for Hoops overshadowed his talents in soccer and he found himself starting over trading the field for the hardwood. He struggled over the next few years to improve but his love of the game never wavered.

As a freshman, he missed making the junior varsity team and was fortunate to be selected as a goalie for the JV soccer team instead he ran track to keep in shape for basketball the following year. In track, he competed in the 100M, 200M, 4x100M Relay,
Long Jump, High Jump, and Triple Jump. He managed to make the Basketball team Sophomore and Junior year. During the start of his senior year, he made the football team as a cornerback but quit before the start of the season after the Varsity Basketball Coach told him he would be vital in his final year. Adam was then the final cut from the team months later missing both seasons. He finished HS having participated as a 3 sport athlete competing in 1 year of Soccer, 2 years of Basketball, and 4 years of track.

After graduation, he traveled north and attended California State University, Chico. While focusing on his academics he strived to make the Division II Basketball team on campus. After one year of basketball classes, a second year as a redshirt he walked on to the Varsity team his 3rd year. But in his 4th year, he was injured and had to forgo his college career. Adam went on to graduate with a B.A. in Journalism with minors in both Broadcasting and Philosophy in 2004.

Adam was still determined to accomplish his basketball dreams he continued to train and months after leaving Chico he became a professional basketball player. During his career, Adam traveled to Australia, Ireland, Norway, Germany, China, and Luxembourg from 2005-2008. Upon his return to the states, he discovered One on One Basketball in his hometown of Palo Alto and quickly developed a love for coaching. He would spend the next 12 years with 1on1 where he became the Regional Director of the largest branch in company history.

In 2020 when COVID-19 closed operations he ended his tenure with 1on1 and took off to create Allera Sports LLC in 2021. The goal was to create a sports company made for everyone who was interested in living a health & wellness based life. Allera Sports started with 6 major sports (Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Flag Football and Volleyball) for pre-k to middle school participants.
By 2022, Allera Sports multiplied 4x in coverage and ended the year with programming in more than 30 schools and nearly 150 programs for the year. This year Allera Sports is growing even more with new programming on the horizon for special needs students, homeless/foster care children and even senior citizen opportunities. Stay tuned for even more from us as we grow into 2024!