About Us

Allera Sports

 Allera Sports was created in 2020 as a social distance-sports company for kids in the South Bay area.

The goal was to provide personal training, sibling sessions, and small group athletics for children unable to join larger groups due to Covid-19. However, the main objective behind Allera Sports has always been one of inclusion, participation, and connection. 

This company’s mission is to make sports available to all and provide an inviting platform in which all who love athletics feel welcome. Allera Sports hope to especially include those who sometimes miss out on these opportunities. 

We would like that family to include opportunities for individuals preschool age through seniors in the specials needs, deaf, native American, LGBTQ, and others underserved in our community. 

It’s about giving access to anyone that wants to discover, try, improve in the world of sports. But this doesn’t just mean mainstream traditional sports, after all, if the objective is to provide sports for a diverse world we should give that world a diverse perspective of all sports. 

As we grow as a company providing as many sports choices as we have customers with interest is our final destination.